Tuesday, March 22, 2011

not so guilty pleasure...

There it is. One of my all-time favorite t.v. shows: iCarly.

I love news, CNN, CNBC, BBC, NPR. I LOVE the History Channel.

I enjoy British comedies and dramas. I love Mystery and Masterpiece Theatre.

I adore a great comedy; Modern Family, Friends, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

But Nickelodeon's iCarly? I never saw that one coming. Yet, here I sit with no fewer than 16 episodes of iCarly on the TiVo.

My favorite episode, iFix a Pop Star, has a character that seems to be inspired by Britney Spears mid nervous breakdown. Here's a pic of 'Ginger Fox,' Britney's altar ego:
Hil. ar. i. ous. Truly. If someone with cancer can say how great a diversion this show is, there's gotta be some truth to that.

The addiction to this sitcom is becoming pervasive. As my daughter and I watch an episode right now, we are accompanied by my mother who's laughing responses elevates the entire viewing experience; her hysterical laughter serving as a soundtrack. Her laughs sound something like a breathless, 'Keh. Keh. Keh.'

So now I'm off to try a version of the show's famous entree, spaghetti tacos and rock myself to sleep.

Wait. I think I hear a, 'Keh. Keh. Keh.' Looks like I'm staying up a bit longer ;)