Monday, June 14, 2010

Hitting a brick wall...

So I was rifling through the 600+ pictures on my phone (yes, I'm that bad at actually cleaning out my poor little SD card.) And I ran across some pics I love.

Here are my kids, Ali and MacDuff. And they're sitting before the eighth world wonder. I had always wanted to have a house with exposed brick--ever since I saw it on My Two Dads (wow did I just really date myself like that?)

So in a classic Hollie fit of rebellion, I decided if the Universe wasn't going to comply and grant me with said exposed brick, I would just make my own. So I painted an entire wall of bricks; an entire, fairly expansive wall. Mostly just in an effort to prove something to myself.

The second dumbest part? I decided, on a lark, to do it on Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays, Holl. (Hey, that's alliteration. Yay, me!)

The first dumbest part? After twenty some odd hours, I had finished and guess what... I didn't like it all that much. :o(

Do I have to learn everything the hard way? Apparently. Keep me in your prayers...;o)

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