Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You know when you see something that makes you laugh? You see some clever t-shirt or an outrageous headline on some tabloid (not that I would ever read such refuse....;o)) and you think to yourself, "I wish so-and-so was here so he/she could see this!"

Sometimes it's possible to whip your camera phone out and snap a shot, but other times, there's no discreet way to take the picture; no way to mask the cacophonous shutter sound most cell phones produce. That's why I take a point and shoot camera so many places with me, nestled in the cavernous depths of my unwieldy purse. Just because I'm not a Boy Scout doesn't mean I can't adhere to the motto: "Be prepared." It is for this reason that I carry everything I could possibly need from a 72-hour kit to jumper cables in the aforementioned purse at all times. Okay, maybe I don't generally have those items on hand, but I did wind up carrying a meat thermometer for a couple of weeks. Why? I have absolutely no recollection. It would have made a great weapon though, had the need arisen. (Ever seen A Perfect Murder?)

This state of perpetual preparedness has come in handy more than once. I consider the greatest benefit of always being prepared is having my camera constantly at the ready. To capture the fleeting moments of joy life brings my way? No. I love having it with me to take pictures of people at their weirdest. I think you'll enjoy a few of these memorialized on my SD card.

Shirt? Check. Shoes? Check. Crap, I forgot my pants again. Seriously? Is people coming in without anything on their lower half really enough of a problem that it merits having a sign in your business' window? And more importantly, are any of these scantily-clad patrons hot men? Oh no she didn't! Oh yes, I did.

So here's the question: Is the author of this charming graffito stuttering? It is a questioning stammer? Are they unsure as to whether or not the food is good? If so, why not wait until one reaches a greater level of certainty regarding the cuisine before scribbling on some random wall?

Or, as I suspect is far more likely, are they completely unaware of the fact that the word is, 'yum,' not 'um?' Or maybe it's supposed to be 'mmmmm.' Which is almost worse as there's really absolutely no way to misspell a word that consists of the repetition of one letter. Really?

I think this has a typo. Clearly it's not referring to children at play. I think "Elves Playing," would be more accurate. Unless, perhaps, you and yours are often found sporting lederhosen and fur-trimmed caps, then this might refer to you as well.

No, in answer to the question you're undoubtedly on the verge of asking, this is not a Victoria's Secret store window. Oh no. Much better. This was some store I saw in LA from the confines of Rick and Kath's (my parents) Buick rear window.

The store clearly caters to the older set carrying such hot items as geriatric lingerie (that has to be the loosest interpretation of the word, 'lingerie' ever) And I love that there are two versions of these sexy support undergarments for the ladies and even one provocative one-piece ensemble for the fashion-conscience gentleman.

Even if I was in the twilight of my life and in need of everything in this charming window display, I would shy away from shopping there due to the incredibly unappealing skivvies exhibited here. It's just...odd.

So I think you'll all agree with me as to the need to carry a camera with you at all times; to capture all the hilarity the world has to offer. Because in these days of a poor economy and a gulf steeped in oil, sometimes we just need a to take a break to laugh at ourselves. ;o)

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