Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hollie and her iPad: an ill-fated love story...

Some people fall in love easily. They flit from one person to the next plunging deeply, fervidly into passionate, reckless love affairs; offering themselves heart and soul to whomever has recently caught their attention. They pursue romantic attachments with feckless abandon full of hope--albeit naive hope--that this person is the ever-elusive, exalted, often dietized object of intense interest or perhaps more appropriately: obsession. They discard all rationale in pursuit of this ideal and then shatter with despair as the attachment fizzles and finds itself filed away into the dust-laden recesses of the person's heart until someone else arrives to garner that interest once again. While it's not a ubiquitous problem, we each know someone who suffers from this strange addiction to love.

I experience this with electronics. I love new toys and some of you may recall a prior post in which I referred to my phone as my boyfriend.(His name is David; an explanation for another day...) Well, we're still together, though there have been some rough patches in our relationship...

And then there's IchaPod, my iPod. He's pretty hot and sports an impressive 160 GB of storage, because let's face it: size does matter. ;o)

But, alas, my relationship with my iPad was not to be. As many of you know I suffer from a condition for which there is no known cure: I read FAR too much. And that's where the sexy iPad and I conflicted and were forced to part ways. Due to its LCD screen, you can only read comfortably for about an hour at a time.

Enter the latest in my harem of technological suitors: The Kindle, or Ken-Doll as I've christened him. (Ken was hot, even if he was a tiny bit gay. And he always knew when to keep his mouth shut. What's not to love? ;o))

We hit it off immediately. It's e-ink technology allows for endless hours of reading entertainment. We have a wonderful relationship and are madly in love....

I'm a lucky girl ;o)

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