Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is here!

So Nana and Papa took Ali and my nephew, Kaeden, to the park. The weather has been so mild it's been hard to resist these little outings and I find as the days progress that my case of spring fever is becoming increasingly exacerbated. (insert growl of frustration)

I will say this though: this is a major benefit of homeschooling. We cover A TON of information in a very brief period of time which leaves us a little more freedom to enjoy some of the finer things like the crazy giggle my daughter emits when she swings on swings. Or the way her hair looks like some crazy static-y science project after she goes down the tube slide.

Spring is here. Kids are cute. Life is good! :o)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amazon: my favorite time waster

It's an illness. A horrible debilitating disease that robs me of my ability to reason. That draws every ounce of self control from me. It sucks hours from my life and is a significant strain on what little free time I have. What's this incapacitating illness?

I get on there and after what seems like only a few minutes, I find I have literally wasted over and hour, sometimes longer on that cursed website! Where else can you buy everything from a first edition copy of Middlemarch to a set of Tweezerman tweezers? What's not to love/hate about that?

Here is a brief list of some of the things I currently find myself coveting (in no particular order):

I have always loved vampires! Here's book ten in one of my favorite series!

There aren't many things more feminine than long, gorgeous lashes. This is something I'd love to try!

A pair of funky pumps to add to my collection of...over 180 pairs. (another illness)

Pro literature, anti-censorship, pro jewelry. This says it all! ;o)

The next laptop I'm getting? This gorgeous Mac book...(sigh)

A black lace parasol. Completely superfluous, but not without nuance. Gorgeous and pointless. But it does remind me of something Emerson said: "Tell them, Dear, if eyes were made for seeing; Beauty is its own excuse for being." Nothing like rationalizing a purchase with Emerson.

Okay, so this is a bit of a pipe dream. I'll likely never spend upwards of $1,000 on a hand dryer, but the germophobe in me is seriously lusting after this! I've had some real thoughts about marrying this Dyson guy...

New outfits for my phone.

My all-time favorite CD that I actually wore out! The need to replace is evident.

My favorite book in hard-back form. Not a feel-good book. More a deeply-relevant social commentary on the history of woman's roles in the western world. Excellent read, but can lead me to a slightly depressed state. :o(

Gorgeous and feminine, this would be perfect above my bed. I
am an avid proponent of all traditional overhead lighting alternatives and this seems like a lovely choice!

So there you have it! Time used planning how to spend money that should probably go into savings and wasting hours of my life I'll never get back. Shouldn't I feel more guilty? ;o)


Movie-ater. It's what Ali used to call the movie theater. An efficient hybrid of the words, "movie," and, "theater;" it was one of my favorite things about her childhood. We used to come up with questions that would result in her saying it just to hear hear it. "Ali," we'd say, "where do you go to see a movie?"

"The movie-ater," she'd reply. I loved it. It's definitely one of those things that you remember about your kids as they get older and it makes you sad and a little shocked at how quickly they grow and evolve. It's also something I remember having inadvertently said more than once while talking to grown ups. I got more than one crazy look from people. (This also happened when Ali used to call her dermatologist a derma toj o list, which quickly became a somewhat embarrassing habit I developed. And for some reason these are less adorable coming from adults than from children...go figure)

At any rate, back to the movie-ater...

So Ali's always loved movies and lately I've been systematically introducing her to some movies I really thought she'd enjoy. The best ones are the ones with a surprise endings. Her eyes were as big as saucers at the end of The Sixth Sense where Malcolm figures out he's dead.

And there was the end of Fried Green Tomatoes with its dual surprises. She was shocked to hear what was in the barbecue...;o) and even more surprised to learn that Ninny was Idgy the entire time.

So it's another rite of passage. It really is bittersweet, as I remember the little Ali with the love of movie-aters and watch as she becomes this awesome 'big girl,' who totally appreciates plot twists and dramatic irony. That's my girl! ;o)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A new adventure

Ali and I are embarking upon a new adventure. It's something I never thought I'd do and something she's been begging me to do for over three years. We have begun homeschooling. That's right. I just never imagined I'd be a homeschooling mom.

There are so many negative stereotypes surrounding homeschooling and a lot of presumptions that people tend to make. So I'll address those concerns now:

1) No, we are not polygamists, nor are we members of any fundamentalist groups.
2) No, Ali did not attend a horrible school. Actually her school was exceptional and we both had very positive experiences there. I was elected to the Community Council where I served a two-year term and LOVED it!
3) No, Ali had no social or disciplinary problems. She has a ton of friends and was well-liked, no--loved by her teachers!
4) Yes, Ali performed very well in school. She was top of her class and even tested into the gifted program twice.

The long and short of it is that it just seems to be the best fit for the time being. At some point in the future we'll revisit the issue of homeschooling vs. public or private schooling. It's only been a couple of days, but I have to say I'm loving the freedom, the control over curriculum and the flexibility. Not to mention not dealing with some of the crazy, frenzied parents who careen through the school parking lot at speeds in excess of 30 mph. (Had to vent that little pet peeve...)

I'll keep you all abrest of the adventures I'm sure we'll encounter on this harried and exciting journey we've embarked upon! ;o)

Forbidden love...

I have a new boyfriend. It's true. He's gorgeous, efficient, reliable, sexy and brilliant.... Is it sad that my 'boyfriend,' is actually my phone?

Broken wrist?

Yes, you read that correctly. As if the toes weren't enough, now we had to make another visit to the hospital for yet another x-ray. IMC now has a front row parking space specifically for us. We will probably have paid for our own hospital wing if this keeps up much longer! How did it happen? Ali was standing on my bed-even though I had just told her never to do so- and she fell. In an attempt to catch herself, she sprained her wrist.

See when we do sprains, we do them all the way!

Her darling little wrist, once delicate and feminine, was swollen and purple for days before we finally saw the doctor. I really think the hospital should just come up with some frequent shopper program. You know, a punch card that reads, "Buy five x-rays, get your sixth free!"

I'm seriously considering confining her to a bubble...

SK8.. .a badge of honor

Roller Derby Queens!!!

"Mom," Ali said, her voice hopeful. "are we going to skating tonight? It's free for our school..."

It's amazing what we'll do for our children. Truly, it is. I was willing, at the ripe-old age of 27 (okay so I haven't been 27 in a couple of years...), to don roller skates after more than fifteen years. But, it can't be that difficult, right? I mean these things just come back to you, right?

Famous last words...

There I sat on the bench tying the laces of my sweet, tan-hued, rental skates complete with four, orange wheels upon which I was expected to gracefully balance. I remembered frequenting Classic Fun Center somewhere in those lost 'tween'years . For the unbelievably low price of only $13.00 (you read that correctly) you could enjoy an entire summer-from Memorial Day to Labor Day-of all the fun Classic Fun Center had to offer! That bargain price included not only unlimited skating, but all the water-slide fun your little pre-teen heart could handle! I remembered how so many of my friends met their 'boyfriends,' at youth dances there. A lot of growing up happened there; hearts were broken, BFF's were made and-if we're being completely honest-mono was liberally spread.

But I digress... Classic was actually greatly improved from the last time I had attended all those years ago. Gone were the petrified gum wads clinging to the undersides of low-budget furniture. Gone were the carved proclamations of 'true love always,' that adorned lockers. And only the faintest whiff of lingering B.O. could be detected. This evening of roller skating was looking better and better.

And then I stood up...

Don't believe anyone who tells you, 'It'll all come back to you.' It's a lie. A huge conspiracy. I have the bruises to prove it. And I'm pretty sure a broken coccyx as well...

Here's hoping we're virus free!

So I posted a total of six posts that have somehow been absorbed into the infinite recesses of the great, cyber universe. Each and every one of them vanishing never to be seen again, so, here's hoping this post makes it where others have failed. Where are the other posts? Lord only knows... :o(

I have a beautiful, amazing, stressful, frustrating, and sometimes convoluted life and it has been all of those things recently to the extent that my all those people in my brain seem to be vying for some sort of consistency, but here's the plan:

I'm going to try and track down the missing posts and add them. There. That's it! They've got to be somewhere in this crazy computer that seems determined to make me suicidal! So, hang in there! You're about to be deluged with a torrent of posts! You love it, you know it! And you know what they say about being worth the wait...;o)

Monday, March 8, 2010

The darling girl with the aching toes...

Broken toes?

Sunday morning Ali arrived home from her dad's house. After a couple of hours, she announces, rather matter-of-factly, that she had a small mishap on Friday night. The "mishap," apparently entailed her kneeling on a chair which, by some unknown cause, was swept out from under her. This left her falling directly on to the TOPS of her toes. So her sweet little piggies were curled beneath her absorbing the entire weight of her body. :(

Sounds pretty painful,huh? When she took her socks off to show me, my jaw dropped at least a foot. Her two big toes were purple and swollen huge. Long story short: her doctor wanted her to come in and then she sent Ali to the hospital to get x-rays.

Fortunately, they turned out to be fine--fine being a relative term. Well no fractures were evident in the x-ray and that was something! She's clearly a very resilient little person.

The best part of the afternoon, was actually our arrival at the hospital. Sometimes as a parent you go into this sort of crisis-management mode where you become fully intent on mitigating damage and addressing issues and leading your charges into metaphorical victory. Sunday afternoon was that for me.

I got her to the hospital, but guess what the hospital looks like on a Sunday when everyone feels compelled to visit sick loved ones they're otherwise too busy to visit the rest of the week... it looks like a mall on Christmas Eve. It was insane. It was said insanity that led us to park in one of the only available parking spaces nestled on the FARREST reaches of the expansive--no behemoth--visitor parking lot; literally in the absolute last row of parking stalls. I'm convinced that had I had a copy of the hospital plat map from the county records, I could have proven that this parking stall wasn't even on hospital property.

At any rate, I took a deep breath and, upon squinting, was just able to make out the shape of the hospital in the very far-off distance. (Okay so there's perhaps a mild degree of hyperbole in this recounting of yesterday's events. I'll admit to being slightly dramatic, but in my defense it feels true!) So at this point I'm breathing a sigh of relief. After all I've succeeded in getting us to the hospital and even finding a pathetic excuse for a parking space. I am at this point mentally checking off every stage of this adventure. Now all we had to do was hoof it to the door and make our way to radiology. The only problem: Ali could barely walk. That's kind of an issue. "Do you think," I mused, "that I could pass her off as handicapped and park in one of those stalls?" (Yes, I do talk to myself sometimes as though I could partition different portions of myself into various individuals. I think the term for that is multiple personalities...:o)) I looked in the direction of the coveted handicapped stalls in frustration.

There was only one choice: I had to carry Ali three and half miles (more hyperbole) to the hospital entrance. After hoisting her on my back, I carried her into the hospital. Upon arriving at the main desk manned by some of the kindest, sweetest volunteers you'd ever come across, I lowered Ali to the ground in an attempt to not collapse from the sheer exhaustion of carrying my 80-pound daughter across hell's parking lot.

"Can I get a wheel chair?" I wheezed, sure that each breath would be my last.

"Sure, dear," a sweet, older woman responded. "You do know that you could have just dropped her off here with us while you parked the car? Maybe when you leave you could do that." Does it make me a bad person that I wanted to smack her? It was some misplaced aggression on my part, but for a moment I considered it.

The moral of the story? Don't be dumb. Well, technically that's a moral of a lot of stories. But specifically, next time you feel compelled to be focused and driven, take care not to become so focused that you overlook easier, more effective ways of doing things. I have an aching back to testify to that!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010